The following list of books, DVDs, CDs, videos, newspapers, etc., are media that we can recommend to you if you are contemplating a visit to this country. We have tried to identify three books, including at least one guidebook, that we would most strongly recommend you read or at least browse before you go. If you have more time and interest you can get as deeply involved as you like. You may find some of these materials more relevant when you come back and want to get answers to questions that developed in-country. We also like to recommend various DVDs with films or documentaries that you should find educational. They will also give you a glimpse of the country before you actually arrive. Most of these items have a link to Amazon where you can purchase them if you like, but some materials are not available at Amazon (is that really possible?) and have links to other sites. We hope you find this list helpful.

Post Communist Period
Travel Guides

Post Communist Period
Lost Country, The: Mongolia Revealed
By Jasper Becker
Sceptre (Hodder and Stoughton, Ltd.), U.K., 1993

For seventy years the communist state of Mongolia was all but closed to the West. Then in 1990 it sprang to life, abandoning communism and opening its boundless steppes to the outside world. Jasper Becker, one of the first westerners to cross the border, here relates his travels in this fascinating region and pieces together Mongolia's strange and turbulent history. "Lamas, nuns, politicians and scientists have compelling stories of murder, genocide and cultural destruction to tell. Their accounts are interspersed with excellent travelers' tales, and Becker's own trips.... His account of Marshal Choibalsan's terror is an especially valuable piece of historical reconstruction." --Times Literary Supplement Top

Travel Guides
A Hundred Routes Through Mongolia By Sharavyn Shagdar
Munkhiin Useg Co., Ltd., Mongolia, 2004

A Hundred Routes Through Mongolia is a compilation of materials collected by Sharavyn Shagdar as he traveled over the past 60 years through the territories, soums, and aimags in Mongolia. Color maps of the routes indicating distances, scenic and historical areas, cultural sights, route options, weather indices, population and herd sizes, and the location of tourist camps are highly informative. Also included are chapters on the geography and history of Mongolia and its nature reserves, protected areas, and national parks. Top

Lonely Planet Mongolia
By Michael Kohn
Lonely Planet Publications Pty. Ltd., Australia, 2005

Let the adventure begin! Ride a camel across the sun-scorched Gobi, feast by moonlight at the bottomless lake of Uureg Nuur, and experience traditional archery and wrestling at the Naadam Festival. Escape to the ends of the earth in the footsteps of the first Mongol nomads. All you need is a strong pair of boots and this bestselling guidebook. Included are detailed maps and GPS coordinates for hundreds of key sites; reviews of the country's best ger camps (Mongolia's famous felt-tent abodes); inspiring itineraries through the "Land of Blue Sky" with its magical monasteries and spectacular ice canyons; culture and history chapters packed with fascinating insights and little-known facts; and a language chapter to ease communication. Top

Mongolia--The Bradt Travel Guide
By Jane Blunden
Bradt Travel Guides, Ltd., U.K., 2004

Outer Mongolia is one of the few places on earth where travelers can still explore with a true sense of adventure. Vast tracts of this "Land of Blue Sky" can be discovered on the back of horse or camel for an authentic cultural experience in the style of Genghis Khan's mounted army, or in the comfort of four-wheel drive. Comprehensive coverage of the opportunities for riding, climbing, fishing, biking, and rafting are provided for this top global destination for adventure tourism. Details of the best ways to enjoy Mongolia's festivals are also brought to the fore, especially the famed Naadam--the colorful annual celebration of wrestling, archery, and horse riding, and Tsaagan Sar--the Mongolian New Year. Mongolian hospitality is legendary, making responsible travel and Bradt's customary "giving something back" advice especially relevant for travelers. In-depth information on national parks, wildlife, conservation and flora; language, pronunciation and useful phrases; the Trans-Mongolian/Trans-Siberian railway; and 37 clear, detailed maps are also Top

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