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Tov Aymag

Terelj lies about 55km northeast of Ulaanbaatar and is one of Mongolia's most popular destinations. The area was first developed for tourism in 1964 and 30 years later it became the Gorkhi-Terelj National Park. The park includes the southern Khentii Mountain Range and the meeting point of the Terelj and Tuul Rivers. The park's alpine scenery is stunning and the area is popular for hiking, rock climbing, rafting, horseback riding, swimming, and even skiing in the winter months. Some attractions include the glacial Khagiin Khar Lake, Yestii Hot Water Springs, Turtle Rock, Praying Lama Rock, and the abundant wildlife including the endangered musk deer. The area stays cool because of its altitude at 5,249ft. (1,600m) but it's best to avoid this area in late summer when the mosquitos become intolerable.

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